Are you an Ideas Person? If so, welcome to the club!

steve-roche-profile-photoMy name is Steve Roche and I am an ideas person. I am the author of a book on the subject called The MultipleMind Method.

I always have a headful of ideas!tmm-book


So what is an idea person?

  • We are creative problem solvers - our ability to think in a divergent way is in growing demand by employers.
  • What we do is simple - we find it easy to come up with ideas
  • The Economist magazine coined the term in 2008 and said that ideas people are typically intensely curious, think globally and enjoy debating topics and issues.

So I have decided to form an online community for ideas people called The Ideas Crowd - it's a place where we can share experiences, offer each other advice and talk about the creative process. Join now - it's free.